Club Members have decided that instead of hiding our sport its time it was taken to the masses.
Many people fill with the dread when they hear the word Guns. We aim to prove that its a worth while sport that can teach people (especially the young) that Air Weapon should be treated with respect and used properly without abuse. It teaches team spirit, discipline, balance and to be carm and responsible. We have worked with children with ADHD. Who have learnt control around our rifles.
We teach the law and that it must be obeyed. Shooting was one of the first Scout badges.
Target shooting is an Olympic sport used in both the Winter and Summer Olympics.
We are supported by our local Para Olympian Ryan Cockbill. 
We now provide ranges at up to 30 shows a year. Small events and Major Game Fairs.
We are non profit making and all profits are used for the Sport, within the club and promoting our sport. We also work with our local Sea Scouts training and doing badges and are working towards a youth academy.

Now added to the stand you can see we are now solar powered doing away for the need to have a generator to light the targets.

 The club has spend thousands of pounds providing a safe presentable mobile range that can travel the country.
The Range can be used for all sorts of different events, Game Fairs, Dog Shows, Car Shows, Steam Rallies, Corporate Events, Both indoors and outdoors.
We have major improvements planned for this winters maintenance.
We hold Public Liability Insurance for £5,000,000.
The range is run by experienced volunteer coaches.
Safety always comes first, below are some of the key safety features of the stand.

Stand Type 1: There is a self contained general show range  (used at most events) that is 14m Deep and 9m wide (to inc guide ropes plus will be deeper when we set up 10m shooting) this will allow up to 5/6 people at a time to have a go shooting, at outside events. Plus a sales area or Bell Target range. This stand is commonly used for most events using paper target shooting. Ideally room permitting for extra safety we can park a transit van behind as extra protection, if an extra 10ft  depth is available. Plus this stand is best suited on grass due to pegging for extra security, although it can go on hard ground if not to windy.  We use 12v Batteries to power stand lights so visitors can see what they are shooting at, if the weather allows we run on solar panels. This stand is pictured at a steam rally. We provide all the equipment, that has been inspected and checked at the start of the day and during its use for safety.  The guns used also have full manufacturer back service back up. This stand has been used for many public and private events throughout  the summer.

NEW FOR 2019. We have started using our NEW exhibition trailer which will replace the rear section of the range. This will mean we can do 10m Air Rifle shooting at some events that request it,  we may not  take the shop and add our Bell Target range done out in a tradition Pub style at some events. Such as The Game Fair (Hatfield)  World Hunter Field Target Championships and the Indoor Shooting Show Stoneleigh.

Stand Type 2: Indoors We can construct a range depending on room available. We need a minimum depth of 24ft. The blue polly carbon sheeting is pellets proof to protect the surrounding areas. This can also be extended to the full Olypmic distance of 10m when using our new Trailer if there's access.
Everyone on the range is supervised by an experienced shooter. The picture below is a range we set up at Edgbaston Cricket Club Family Fun day in the exhibition centre (a bit of a tight fit round a pole).

Stand Type 3, At some (not all) Game Fair Range and Major Shows: This uses a minimum 7m wide by 15m deep Shedding or Marquee supplied by the event. There is no reason why if required to can use one of our other stands to set ups at these large events. Many larger events now prefer us to use our full travelling range (Type 1). The walls and rear are lined with pellet proof polly carbon sheeting (steel at the rear). Crowd barriers are used to prevent non shooters entering the shooting area, where people having a go are under supervision while shooting. Pictured below is the stand at Midland Game Fair. We normally offer 6 lanes of Olympic Type shooting at 10m paper and 2 lanes of 6yd Bell Target shooting this can be increased where room dictates. The third picture shows the range we put into Target Shooting Show replacing the shop with Bell Targets. the forth showing the 10m section in to the new trailer rear section.

 MONEY: We are often asked what we charge. Our aim is to make it as cheap as possible for organisers.
Firstly we can cover our costs by charging the visitors to have a go normally £2.00 a go for 5 shots, and then 10 shots at discounted rate. On the paper target ranges customers get to keep their target and on the 6yd Bell ranges we give them a score card. In this way we cover our costs and don't charge organisers for us to attend. Unless we are travelling a distance then help with travelling expenses can be appreciated. As we charge such a low level we can not make enough money to cover many of the rents charged as some shows. If you are asking £100's a day, sorry No chance we don't take enough to cover it. We are non profit making organisation run by volunteers, any profit is used for the benefit of our club the sport and our work with youth groups.

We can offer a free to have a go on the range, which is quite normal for Corporate events or Private Clubs/Events. This is charged at a daily rate agreed by negociation and travel disitance can effect this.

We are considered an attraction by events such as major Game Fairs and Shows.
10m Target Shooting is a Olyimpic sport and Bell Target shooting is the oldest form of competitive Air Rifle Shooting in the world.

The Range is very popular and at times we can get quite a queue. Picture taken at Belbroughton Scarecrow festival 2015.


 Lets start with the stands front. You can see a barrier which marks off an area immediately behind where the people shoot.
In this area we only allow people having a go to enter with the exception of children and vulnerable adults who need a parent or responsible adult with them. Qualified coaches from the club are also in this area supervising people having a go at all times. No one is allowed to have a go without a coach present. No new people enter this area till a lane  and instructor becomes free and are then directed to a lane.

 Next the shooting line. No one can enter forward of the shooting line, it is full blocked off by the tables. Targets travel to the shooting boxes by manual winders. There is no need for anyone to be forward of the shooting line. The winders are due for replacement this winter. Shooters are issued with the correct number of pellets for their go  (no more), when they pay and enter the shooting area when directed.


The shooing lines are divided by the winders. This creates a booth to minimise the risk of a person having a go swinging the rifles around. Anyone seen removing a rifle from the lane is immediately stopped. There is information about safety in each lane.

Immediately above the aim of fire is steel sheeting. This prevents over shooting and minimises the chance of a shot going through the roof. It also contains safety advise notices.
The Target boxes are designed to catch pellets that are melted down and used for weights on the stand. The targets are  illuminated by solar power/batteries.

Side sheeting down each side. This is regentex 18 and 24 from a military (MOD approved) supplier. This poly carbon sheeting will withstand a point blank shot from a 6ft lb powered Air Rifle and does not penetrate. While being used on the range any stray shots are deflected down the range.

 To help cover our costs is our shop. Where a variety of related goods can be purchased and advise given about Air Rifle Shooting, local clubs etc. We sell gun related products. BB Guns (over 18 only). Gun related Toys. Air Rifle accessories, cases, pellets, targets (but we do not sell Air Rifles, Knives or Real Cross bows).  Plus Related Souvenirs. This area may not always be used at events. If we add our Bell Target Range within our travelling outdoor range set up, it will not be included.

 The main Rifle used on the range is currently the Gun Power Edge PCP rifle. This is an entry level match competition approved rifles. They are compressed air powered (PCP). They are regulated so the same amount of air is released with every shot. In that way there is uniform shots and are safe. A spring powered rifle can vary with each shot. Rifles are fully serviced at least twice a year sometimes more. We have full manufacturer back up for repairs. All rifles are checked for accuracy at the start of every day.

We have no problem with children using the range. The club has a Child Protection Officer. A full enhanced DBS instructor is on hand at shows. We have dedicated coaches for showing and supervising youngsters. As you can see a couple of the rifles used are fitted with a laser pointers/sights. They are not accurate enough for shooting but we can indicate if the rifle is pointing on target. As much for our safety as well as the public, when using the range.

 Contact us for more details:

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