Nights that are stated as 'Practice' nights are open to everyone, including Guests, to have a go
(Dont have a Rifle you are welcome to use ours).
They are also used to shoot Postal and Club competitions as well as open Practice.

When there's a competition match being shot, we welcome spectators to see how it works. If there is time after the match concludes there will be a small open practice for all.
Shooting is normally done at 6 yards with a MAX of 7 ft lb rifles. 10 metre must be by arrangement in advance.
No telescopic sights are allowed due to the short distance of our ranges. Diopter and Open sights only.
We reserve the right to test any rifle before it is used on the range, if suspected its over the 7 ft lb limit.
Please note video and photographs may be taken while at the club and used on social media or our websites.

For even longer distances and higher power rifles we can advise on clubs available in Brum.


Last Updated: 17/1/2018.

 September 2017
Tuesday 5th Robottom 1 Tigers V Nomad Saints AWAY
Tuesday 5th Robottom 1 Cubs V Nomad Sinners HOME 
Tuesday 5th Robottom 1 Lions V Maitland Red Lion HOME
Monday 11th Robottom 2Cubs V Maitland Red Lion AWAY
Tuesday 12th Robottom 2 Lions V Nomads Sinner
Tuesday 12th Robottom 2 Tigers V Maitland Ward End HOME

Tuesday 19th Robottom 3 Tigers V Maitland HOME
Tuesday19th Robottom 3 Cubs V Lions HOME for Cubs
Tuesday 26th Bham League Fun Shoot @ our Club

October 2017
Monday 2nd Smith and Jones Cup at Maitland
Tuesday 3rd Practice and Postal Cards
7th & 8th Oct Robin Hood Game Fair Newark Cancelled

Tuesday 10th League Match 1 V Maitland Red Lion HOME
Monday 16th League Match 2 V Maitland Red Lion
Tuesday 17th Practice and Cards

Monday 23rd Robottom 4 Cubs V Maitland AWAY
Tuesday 24th Robottom 4 Tiger V Lions
HOME Tigers
28th & 29th Oct Bulkington Beer and Cider Festival
Tuesday 31st Robottom 5 LionsV Maitland HOME
Tuesday 31st Robottom 5 Cubs V Tigers HOME Cubs

November 2017
Tuesday 7th League 3 V Nomads HOME
Tuesday 14th  League 4 V Nomads AWAY

Monday 20th Robottom 6 Lions V Maitland Ward End AWAY
Tuesday 21st Robottom 6 CubsV Nomad Saints HOME
Tuesday 21st Robottom 6 Tigers V Maitland  Red Lion HOME

Tuesday 28th Robottom 7 Lions V Nomads Saints AWAY
Tuesday 28th Cubs V Maitland Ward End HOME
Tuesday 28th Tigers V Nomads Sinners HOME

December 2017
Tuesday 5th League 5 V Maitland HOME
Monday 11th League 6 V Maitland AWAY
Tuesay 12th Practice and Postal Cards

Tuesday 19th Christmas event
there will be fund raising during the
night to pay for the food.
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

January 2018
Tuesday 2nd Practice and Cards
Monday 8th Robottom 8 Lions V Maitland Red Lions
Tuesday 9th Robottom 8 Cubs V Nomads Sinners
Tuesday 9th Robottom 8 Tigers V Nomads Saints HOME

Tuesday 16th Pairs Knockout Hosed By Us.
Monday 22nd Robottom 6 Lions V Maitland Red Lion AWAY
Tuesday 23rd Pairs Knockout Hosted By Us.
Monday 29th Robottom 9 Tigers V Maitland Ward End AWAY
Tuesday 30th Robottom 9 Cubs V Maitland Red Lion HOME
Tuesday 31st Robottom 9 Lions V Nomads Sinners HOME

February 2018
Tuesday 6th Geering Cup L1/1 V Nomads AWAY
Tuesday 13th Geering Cup L1/2 V Nomads AWAY
Tuesday 20th League 7 V Maitland Red Lion HOME
Monday 286h League 8 V Maitland Red Lion AWAY
Tuesday 27th Practice and Cards

March 2018
Monday 5th Robottom 10 Tigers V Maitland AWAY
Tuesday 6th Robottom 10 Lions V Cubs (Lions Home) HOME
Tuesday 13th Robottom 11 Cubs V Maitland HOME
Tuesday 13th Robottom 11 Lions V Tigers (Lions Home) HOME
Tuesday 20th League 9 V Nomads HOME
Tuesday 27th League 10 V Nomads AWAY
Tuesday 28th Cons Club AGM from 8pm TBC

April 2018
Tuesday 3rd April Practice and Cards
Monday 9th Robottom 12 Lions V Maitland AWAY
Tuesday 10th Robottom 12 Tigers V Cubs (Tigers Home) HOME

Tuesday 17th League 11 V Maitland HOME
Monday 23rd League 12 V Maitland AWAY
Tuesday 24th Practice and Cards
Monday 30th Robottom 13 Tigers V Maitland Red Lion AWAY

May 2018
May Day Weekend
Tuesday 15th Practice and Cards
Monday 21st Robottom 14 Cubs V Maitland Ward End  AWAY
Tuesday 22nd Robottom 14 Tigers V Nomads Sinners  AWAY
Tuesday 22nd Robbottom 14 Lions v Nomads Saints HOME
Practice and Cards (unless stated)

June 2018
W/E 4th June Geering Cup Final
Monday 11th Bham League AGM at Maitland

Robottom Teams 2016/17
                              Tigers                  Cubs
David D                          Dave W                John N
Alan T                            Volker E              
Emma R                         Trevor S               Saidah K
Jenny B                           Chloe B               Ken H
                                        Grace J                Sue H
Andy S                            Colin B                Darren Wilkinson
                                         Chis S                 Carrie Wale

 The Club Rifle Range was at the following Events.
30th April 1st May Halfpenny Green Airport (Dart Range)
6th & 7th May Stotfold Mill Steam Rally
13th & 14th May Tatton Park Country Fair
19th, 20th and 21st May Vangollen, Llangollen
28th & 29th May Lamport Hall Vintage Rally

3rd & 4th June Truck Bash Nuneaton Rugby Club
10th & 11th June Parker Piece Cambridge Country Show
30th June 1st & 2nd July Parafest Flintshire
8th & 9th Bedworth Party in the Park

15th & 16th July Barton Gate Steam Rally
15th July Yew Tree by the Sea Walsall (Dart Range)
22nd & 23rd July Rockingham Castle Country Fair

29 & 30th July Classic Scooter Show Hinckley CANCELLED
5th & 6th August Cromford Steam Rally
12th & 13th August Blisworth Canal Festival
26th & 27th Aug Range at TNC Telford (private booking)
26th, 27th & 28th August Tank, Trucks and Firepower

9th & 10th September Harby Country Show Leic
30th September 1st Oct Belbroughton Scarecrow Festival CANCELLED
7th & 8th October Newark Country Fair CANCELLED

14th October Sandwell Council Sports and Fun Day
28th & 29th October Bulkington Beer and Cider Festival

Other dates being confirmed.

Closing Dates Dorset Post Winter 2017

28th October R1 & 2
25th November R3 & 4
6th January R5 & 6
27th January R7 & 8

Averages 2017/18  To League Match 5 / Robottom 7
Current Av
1. Jenny Boden 29.25
2. Emma Reynolds 28.19
3.John Nash 28.06

4. Grace Jenkins 27.64
5. David Duffill 27.27
6. Dave Walker 26.63
7. Andy Seeney 26.55 
8. Trevor Smith 26.42
9.  Alan Tidman 26.33  
10. Saidah Katanya 26.00
11. Sue Harvey 25.79  
12. Chloe Burns 25.68
13. Darren Wilkinson 25.08  
14. Carrie Wale 24.63
15. Colin Bayliss 23.00  
16. Ken Hudson 24.36    
17. Volker Ewens 23.88                   
18. Chis Staples 21.75

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