Nights that are stated as 'Practice' nights are open to everyone, including Guests, to have a go
(Dont have a Rifle you are welcome to use ours). 
All visitors must sign our visitors book to be able to have a go. All non members are supervised by a club member with at least 2 years shooting experience or by one of our coaches on a one to one basis while shooting.
They are also used to shoot Postal and Club competitions as well as open Practice.

When there's a competition match being shot, we welcome spectators to see how it works. If there is time after the match concludes there will be a small open practice for all. Except at MYG.
Shooting is normally done at 6 yards with a MAX of 7 ft lb rifles. 10 metre must be by arrangement in advance.
No telescopic sights are allowed due to the short distance of our ranges. Diopter and Open sights only.
We reserve the right to test any rifle before it is used on the range, if suspected its over the 7 ft lb limit.
Please note video and photographs may be taken while at the club and used on social media or our websites.

For even longer distances and higher power rifles we can advise on clubs available in Brum.


Last Updated: 11/6/2021.

MYG Robottom Matches will be shot at the Maritime Youth Group Headquarters, Kingsdown Avenue,
Great Barr, Birmingham B42 1NF on Monday evenings.
This venue is unsuitable for visitors and is for team members/ supporters only during Robottom matches.
Visitors to our club must use Tuesdays at the Conservative Club.
TBC Dorset Postal Cards can be shot at MYG on Wednesdays.

The club is now open for practice to all every Tuesday from about 7.15pm
Please follow and socail distance rules and max 6 round a table.

Robottom Teams 2019/20
David D                          Dave W              
Alan T                            Volker E              
 Sue H                             Trevor S               
Jenny B                           Chloe B          
Andy S                            Kyle B               
John N                            Colin B          
                                        Sam P                 


 The Club travelling Rifle Range  2021

31st July 1st August Cromford Steam Rally Derby way
28th & 29th Aug Range at TNC Telford (private booking)

28th, 29th & 30th August Tank, Trucks and Firepower Coventry 

20th & 21st November The Target Shooting Show Stoneleigh Coventry

Closing Dates Dorset Post Winter 2019

R1&2 26th Oct
R3&4 30th Nov
R5&6 4th Jan
R7&8 25th Jan

Many cards will be shot at MYG on a Wednesday evening.
This is confirmed on a weekly bases.

Averages 2019/20
Current Av

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